Therapy sessions, EAP professional certification, custom workshops - we are here to help you meet your goals

Learn new techniques or build on your existing skills.  The Healing Horses Therapeutic Center provides Equine Assisted Therapy/Psychotherapy (EAP) training towards certification, workshops for NASW/CT Continuing Education Credits (CEU's, college internships, and, of course EAP direct service.  We also custom design training programs in Cultural Competency and Urban Barn Management to suit your requirements and unique needs.



Develop deeper relationships with your clients

Professional licensing, empathic and quality training, equine knowledge and cultural competency standards are the basis of our Healing Horses Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Certification (CCEAP).  Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is practiced by many reputable organizations, however other models do not address the cultural differences, needs and approaches for varying demographics.  That's what makes our model stand out from the herd!

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Let us introduce you to our unique approach to EAP

What is EAP all about?  What is culturally competent EAP?  How can you measure the effectiveness of EAP with your clients? We offer half day workshops on these topics and can develop custom workshops to meet your needs.  We are certified for CEU's by NASW/CT for mental health professionals and students.

Teacher Assisting a Student


An opportunity to practice your therapeutic skills in a unique and challenging environment

Healing Horses Therapeutic Center offers college students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and networking with professionals within the mental health profession and the field of equine assisted psychotherapy.  You'll work in our campus in inner-city Hartford and have the opportunity for direct client relationships and program development

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When 'traditional' psychotherapy doesn't feel like the right fit....

Equine assisted therapy is a unique approach to traditional psychotherapy techniques.  A horse is present as an integral part of the therapeutic relationship as you, the client, walk beside them.  Horses are very intuitive and sensitive, and over time, as you begin to trust the horse's behavior (and they begin to trust you), it opens the door for deeper understanding and communication with the client and therapist.